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Spot the differences!

Spot the differences-2

ARA Uruguay moored as a museum ship in Puerto Madera, Buenos Aires, built in 1874 in England (Birkenhead).

One of the necessities of capturing stock images is to re-visit a site and update the image. This example is of pure coincidence – I didn’t go to Buenos Aires to recapture images but somehow managed to take a picture from almost exactly the same spot – nine years apart. At least it shows that I have consistency in my photography.

The left hand image was captured in 2005 and the one on the right was taken in 2014.

Despite the economic situation in Argentina the authorities have gone to lengths to paint the sailing ship and the old cranes in Puerto Madera. In the background there has also been some significant residential development in the form of sky rise luxury apartment blocks.

Buenos Aires is a beautiful city – rich in history – though still in need of investment in some parts.




One of a series of coloured glass Fine Art Print images available for sale.


All images are giclee printed to a high standard to ensure longevity.

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Print: Hahnemuehle Fineart Inkjet Paper *

Image size: 35 cm x 40 cm

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Shoot Froot – Noni


Name:                   Noni

Scientific name:  Morinda citrifolia

Other names:      Great morinda, Indian mulberry, Tahitian noni, Hawaiian noni, beach mulberry, and cheese fruit


Evergreen tree originally from Southeast Asia and Australasia, related to coffee.

Its fruit are the size of potatoes and a rich source of nutrients. While it can be eaten ripe, its is often cooked or prepared as a juice for its medicinal benefits.

Nutritional Benefits:

Noni fruit  are a good source of nutrients, minerals and vitamins and have multiple medicinal uses.

Vitamin C (37.39%)

Carbohydrate (2.62%)

Calcium (1.01%)

Protein (0.86%)

Sodium (0.70%)


Health benefits:

Antioxidant benefits, analgesic, immune system booster, treatment of cancer, anti-bacterial, cholesterol reduction,  as well as used in skin-care products.


ASG images library:

We have a number of images in stock and can shoot to order

NB: While Alan Skyrme has a number of diplomas in Nutrition it is strongly recommended that the latest available analyses of the nutritional contents and benefits are obtained from appropriate sources. Those provided here are indicative only and may be out of date.