Ink and watercolour

Bell tower of the Sanctuary of the Madonna of Trapani

This sketch was one of over 50 paintings that I completed last month while in Erice, Sicily. I have just arrived home after a two-day journey from Erice, via Palermo, Rome and Lisbon (overnight in Lisbon as is my normal practice), and have not done any painting since just before Christmas.

I will need a couple of days to get settled before setting up my easel, paints and brushes but I do have a long list of subjects to keep me occupied for the foreseeable future including a couple of commissioned paintings. These do not have short deadlines so I can plan to my own agenda.

The first thing for me to do is journal work to get my coordination and mixing skills back up to speed. I prefer to paint every day, even just a simple sketch is enough, but after a three week break I really need to practice a bit.

The Sanctuary

I passed the Sanctuary, which has the Cathedral Garden and the Agostino Pepoli museum in its walled grounds, on my way to buy some art materials. The shop’s supply had diminished considerably since my previous visit, but at least I managed to get some more reference photos.

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