The Skyrme Gallery

Purple Sunbird – watercolour on A4 paper



When I am not taking photographs (commissioned, stock or art) I like to paint. I studied art at school but chose a career in international banking during which time I rarely painted but did manage a fair bit of photography (in the days of film) before setting up my own photography business. Painting now seems to have taken first place in my work.

This blog allows me to write about the art that I produce, be it painting or photography, with the intention of recording my experience of doing the things that I love.

Some of my watercolour work hangs in places around the world and I get an increasing number of commissions – the first was an oil painting that I did when I was still at school – in both watercolour and acrylic paints.

I plan, as I have done with other past blogs, to transfer some of my articles to book form. 

Thanks for reading. Please feel free to comment.

All text, original works and images copyright Alan Skyrme


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