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Shoot Froot – Goji Berry

Goji Berry (Lycium chinense)



Deciduous perennial shrub originally from China.

Its egg-shaped fruit are the size of small rose hips and a rich source of nutrients.

Nutritional Benefits:

Goji berries  are rich in antioxidants and a good source of nutrients, minerals and vitamins with multiple medicinal uses.

Vitamin A 390 µg (55.71%)

Iron, Fe 1.9 mg (23.75%)

Carbohydrate 21.58 g (16.60%)

Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) 13.6 mg (15.11%)

Total dietary Fiber 3.6 g (9.47%)

Protein 3.99 g (7.98%)

Threonine 0.1 g (5.68%)

Sodium, Na 83 mg (5.53%)

Calcium, Ca 53 mg (5.30%)

Health benefits:

Antioxidant benefits, prevents diabetes, reduces cholesterol, prevents cancer, protects liver, eliminates free radicals, protects cardiovascular system

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NB: While Alan Skyrme has a number of diplomas in Nutrition it is strongly recommended that the latest available analyses of the nutritional contents and benefits are obtained from appropriate sources. Those provided here are indicative only and may be out of date.