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Another brick in the wall!

Faux brick ceramic tile in midnight blue

The latest addition to the Alan Skyrme Design Studio, store at Zazzle is a set of ceramic tile designs that are designed to make an impact in a home or office environment. The faux-brick design is available in 7 colours though custom colours can be created on request.

The tiles are available in Zazzle’s large size (6 inches square) only as the small size (4.25 inches) does not suit the design. They can be produced in the smaller size on request.

I have 88 ceramic tile designs on sale – varying by colour or size – which will increase to 100 designs in the next month.

My tile designs have found buyers in several states in USA and in the UK while other products have been sold in Canada and Europe.

Aqua blue, dark brown, green, dark blue, pale yellow and brick red.

Zazzle regularly offers great discounts so its a good idea to look often, especially if you are looking for great home design products.

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I’m a mug for a mug!

Some of the 42 mugs on offer

My last post should have been an update on my paintings created in April but, as I often find, admin and other tasks get in the way of publishing. So, as I had not done much painting in April I shall combine the two months in an update for May – next week.

The subject today: Mugs!

I have 42 mug designs on offer. There is a 20% discount on all products at the moment so a great time to take advantage.

I have a personal collection of mugs, that I use, that I have built up over many years. It’s a fun and colourful collection.

The designs I have on offer, growing daily, has something for everyone (almost!) but the objective is to use them for bringing coffee, tea or soup! Great gifts or for your own use.

Have a look. Be tempted!

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Alan Skyrme Design Studio

Z Pro

I received a nice little bonus, this month, in the form of a tag on my Zazzle Store. It is given for achieving sales commission over $100. This has taken over a year to achieve, with almost 300 products sold with my designs on them.

In total I have about 220 products on sale. I did have that number on sale last year but I had a bit of a rationalisation exercise in January, dropping to about 170 products, but have since built up some new additions and am adding more each week.

I plan to increase that number to 300 by the end of the year but may even exceed that if all goes well.

Zazzle seems to be quite popular in USA and I even saw a delivery package on an Amazon Prime series recently!

The nice thing about Zazzl;e is that products can be personalised, which is great for creating gift. Alternatively just buy a designed product (one of mine!!) as is.

The other nice thing is that Zazzle has regular discounts, some quite generous, though that means I get less commission, but that’s business.

Become a Zazzle member, download the app, and follow me (Alan Skyrme Design Studio), and if there are any specific product requests let me know and I will create a tailored design to your specification – no extra cost!

March discount at Zazzle

There is a 25% discount across all products on Zazzle. Check out mine and use the code MARCHSALENOW to get that discount!

I have 175 products on sale having just removed over 25 last week. Every once in a while I refocus my product range before adding more – a Spring clear-out.

Checkout my calendars, tote bags, cushions and mugs.

With spring, and summer on the way, time to think of tee-shirts and picnics. I have a range of “Vegan” themed products as well as picnic paper plates, napkins and napkin rings.

Hurry! Sale ends soon.

Alan Skyrme Design Studio

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