What’s on sale

I sell watercolour and acrylic paintings in a variety of sizes from miniature (credit card size), to A3 size (approx 30 cm x 42 cm). Sales are either direct from me or via Saatchi Online.

Some paintings are available as prints, sold at sizes A5, A4 and A3 though I can print to 10″ x 8″ or 5″ x 4″. 

Subject matter is currently divided into two categories – birds and landscapes, the latter covering scenes in Veneto, Sicily, Asia and Brazil. My specialisation is bird paintings, mainly in watercolour but occasionally in acrylics. I also do floral and botanical paintings in watercolour – usually to order.

The following are examples of my non-watercolour bird paintings. I publish a sample of watercolour bird paintings completed during the month on a monthly basis.

Rainbow Lorikeet (acrylic on canvas)
Boat on the Amazon River, Brazil (acrylic on canvas)
Floral painting in watercolour of a Bauhinia purpurea flower and leaf

Please feel free to contact me for prices of individual originals, prints or bulk orders, or indeed for commissioned orders.